I make podcasts mainly focusing on old Japan and samurai culture. My realizations include cooperation with Reflex magazine, VOX TV, Dellinger Academy, etc.. I became a model for a samurai avatar of NFT technology speaking in classical Japanese on the Bushido exhibition! Bold gallery in 2022.


"Český samuraj" (Czech samurai)

Reflex magazine´s podcast with martial artist Jakub Zeman

"A Day in the Samurai´s Skin"

Reflex magazine presents a special series with Jakub Zeman and Martin Bartkovsky introducing the life and the art of samurai.

5: The tameshigiri cutting technique - the mats are of the same resistance as a human body.

V.O.X. tv

Czech Samurai and Japanologist came to Gabriela to talk about Japan, traditions, samurai and history. He spoke about globalization, patriotism and Japanese swords, but also about Frankfurt school, Buddhism, suicides or war in Ukraine. Why it is a trend to be ashamed of your country?

The first episode of "Nejlepsi Podcast" (The best podcast) on Czech internet. This time guests were Jakub Zeman, Filip Turek, Daniel Vavra and Martin Urza. Hosted by Mr. Kubelik.

The sixth episode of "Nejlepsi Podcast" (The best podcast) on Czech internet. This time the guests legionnaire Stanislav Gazdik, Czech samurai Jakub Zeman and military expert Jan Avi Pacner talked about manhood, fighting.

Koulí podcast

Dellinger academy