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Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Jakub Zeman, KEG. For several decades I have been intensely interested in traditional Japanese culture and history, organizing exhibitions, lectures, cultural events and publishing on this topic. Since childhood I have been also practising martial arts which I now teach in my Hakuzan dojo that organizes competitions (Taikai) in Gekiken and Tameshigiri disciplines. Thanks to these activities, I was given the nickname CZECH SAMURAI. I worked as a lecturer and later a curator of the National Gallery. Currently I am also concerned with Asian antiques, for example as a member of the expert committee of the Czech Antique Dealers Association. I specialize in Japanese swords, sword guards, tsuba, netsuke, etc.. Together with Adam Čeladín, five-time knife throwing world champion, we are the creators and producers of the successful YouTube series called "Lords of the blades". Together with Reflex magazine, we shoot the podcast series "Czech Samurai" and "A Day in the Samurai´s Skin". I have been practising Haiku poetry and tea culture. I had the honor to meet and work with a number of inspiring personalities not only in the field of culture and martial arts.

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"Czech samurai"  (only in Czech)



Let us introduce you a new project dealing with the topic of Japanese sword and having a goal to spread the knowledge of this phenomenom to the public.

The journey taken by Mr. Kubelik under the direction of Jakub Zeman was not easy. Is he able to overcome all challenges?


V ideálním světě by vše bylo jednoduché. V tom reálném musíme bojovat jak to jde!


Až když pochopíme, že je život krátký a konečný, a že jeho dary nejsou samozřejmost, dokážeme ho plně docenit.

Žijme tak, abychom se mohli v okamžiku smrti usmívat.


Kazdy den v duchu děkuji za lidi, kvůli kterým má smysl žít.


Štěstí je všude tam, kam ho pustíme!


Meeting or cooperation with inspiring personalities not only from the cultural world or the world of martial arts.