Video projects - cooperation and realization

For several years together with Adam Celadin, five-time knife throwing world champion, we have been the shooting and producing a successful YouTube series at the boundary between education, popularization, dispelling myths, and practical tests, focusing mainly of the world of cold weapons. Together with Reflex magazine, we have been shooting the podcast series called "Czech Samurai", mainly dealing with Japanese history, samurai culture and related topics. "A Day in the Samurai´s Skin" series introduce a number of traditional Japanese disciplines – A tea ceremony, wearing samurai armour, etc. I participated in weapons testing for a computer game called "Kingdom come", I created the virtual fighting techniques for a computer game, and participated in the NFT project. 

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"Lords of the blades" is my long-term cooperation with five-time knife throwing world champion Adam Celadin. Series mainly about cold weapons is at the boundary between education, dispelling myths and popularization, and is introducing interesting guests, for example martial arts masters.

Katana vs Steel Samurai Helmet (Kabutowari) Lords of the Blades Ep.1

The first episode in which we tried if it was possible to cut with a sword through a helmet (kabutowari) and if a katana sword is able to split a falling silk scarf. The kabutowari test was successfully executed by only four people during last hundred years. Was I one of them?

Rare Emperor Japanese Sword ($700 000) Lords of the Blades Ep.4

In terms of views the most successful episode about an Imperial sword made at the end of the 13th. century by Rai Kunitoshi. The episode was shared by large Mexican channel Un Poco de Todo. Millions of view in both versions.

10 Samurai Weapons used in Battlefield  Lords of the Blades Ep.6

Episode introducing samurai weapons of  Sengoku Jidai period.

BLADED Nunchucks (Will it Stick?) Lords of the Blades Ep.9

In this episode we tested nunchaku weapon, including not so known dagger-nunchaku, in number of crash tests.

GUN VS Bladed Weapons (Lords of the Blades Ep.20)

Episode comparing katana sword, pistol and throwing knives in various categories (accuracy, speed, etc.).

Katana vs Shotgun Barrel (Teppo Giri) Lords of the Blades Ep.13

Episode in which I have tried teppo giri - cutting a rifle barrel with katana sword.