In collaboration with a number of institutions, museums and galleries I realized as a curator or an author a number of exhibitions mainly about the old Japan and Samurai.  

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  • author and curator of exhibition "Jiri Straka, Calligraphy", Kadan town hall, 2018
  • Kómei tennó, Dacicky house in Kutna Hora, 2017
  • author of sub-exhibition of historical artefacts on the exhibition called Poznej světová dědictví Unesco (Meet Unesco world heritage), Dacicky house in Kutna Hora, 2017
  • Chryzantéma a meč (Sword and Chrysanthemum), Masaryk Museum in Hodonin, 2016
  • Příběh meče (The story of the sword), Masaryk Museum in Hodonin, 2015
  • Pocta japonskému meč (Tribute to the Japanese sword), The North Bohemian Museum in Liberec, 2013
  • Pocta japonskému meči (Tribute to the Japanese sword), Czech Police Museum, Praha 2012
  • author of exceptional Japanese swords as part of the Busido for Japan, Prague, Manes Exhibition hall, 2011
  • Pocta japonskému meči (Tribute to the Japanese sword), Masaryk Museum in Hodonin, 2008


(I am co-author of these exhibitions)

  • "Busido!" (together with PhDr Honcoopova), Bold Gallery, Prague 2022
  • "Hořkosti ve stádci Kristovu", Kadan Town Museum, Citadel. Kadan 2021
  • "The Husits", Masaryk Museum in Hodonin, 2019
  • "Japanese horors", National Gallery, Zbraslav Castle - catalogue, 2009

Curator activity

  • exhibition "In the coat of arms of the Chrysanthemum", Masaryk Museum in Hodonin, 2021
  • curator of the Japanese part of an exhibition called "The magic of collecting", South-Bohemian Museum in Ceske Budejovice, 2020
  • exhibition "Takaramono", Kadan Town Museum, Citadel. Kadan 2019
  • exhibition "Luna Isis, Gold & White", Artforum, Prague 2019
  • exhibition "Ondrej Caska, Chinese ink painting", Nova Sin Gallery, Prague, 2018


Co-author and coordinator of Asian art auctions´ catalogues, Arcimboldo Gallery, Meissner - Neumann, Antikvity Prague, etc.. 2009 - 2018
"Busido" exhibition catalogue!, (together with PhDr. Honcoopova), Bold Gallery, Prague 2022
Sub-catalogue "Feathers" to the catalogue for Jiri Straka exhibition "Ink building sites" 6.3. - 26.4. 2015 in Vaclav Spala Gallery
Foreword to the catalogue Lukas Kuta - resonance of absolute, Prague 2012
Tsuba, The Japanese Sword guards, Busido, Prague 2010